Im ready to date again but the question is how can I approach girls?

i am never able to appraoch girls i did manage to succesfully approach a girl the other day and i introduced myself but i couldnt think of more to say. my question is how can i approach girls and how can i keep a conservation going


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  • Girls love to talk, so just feed them the right questions and be a listener. When you get her excited to speak about something, she is making herself vulnerable to all sorts of judgements which can be daunting but we both know you are already interested. When she's talked her mouth off, she will have invested too much of herself to justify turning you down (obviously not 100% effective).
    It is not a bad idea to have a script of seemingly simple questions that actually end up revealing your personality in a fun and playful way (for example: if could go backpacking through Europe with anyone in history who would it be and why? The why is importante).

    Then you just have to tell her that you would love to learn more about her and ask for her phone number. Planing is sexy. Tell her when you'll call her and follow through. Actually call her, don't text. She probably has 30douche bags on snap chat doing the same things, you need to stick out!
    So first he the initiator, but the listener. Give her the spot light. Then show her that when you make plans, you stick to them (dependable). Lastly, maintain interest. Don't just become some guy she met who texts her every now and then. Stick out.


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  • just ask her questions about herself. literally anything. girls like to talk about themselves so just do that and ur good to go


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  • Think of things you'd have in common. Like school or teachers.