Can you meet a cute marines at graduation after boot camp, like is it likely or unlikely, worth a shot?

I have a thing for marines. And I'm sick of being single! My cousin is graduating from bootcamp next month and I'm going to the graduation and, I know I'm going to see cute guys that are marines! Is there a possibility that I might run into one and start "talking"?
How do I make that happen? Or could it not happen due to the setting/environment that we are in?


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  • go on base and meet one of the young marine lieutenants, they make 3 times what a private makes


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  • If you want to find yourself a real marine you might want to look for a British one. Royal Marines are well known to be the best trained and the hardest division to enter the world. Those itsy American marines will be on a par with the infantry division here.


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  • I wouldn't do it after graduation. It is very busy around that time and the Marines want to spend time with their families