What was the best first date you've ever been on? And Why?

I guess your reasons will be because you found the one? Any other determining factors?


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  • Best and first and only date:
    -At first she just said "we should like go get pizza after work"
    -After I got off I texted her and said "you still up for pizza?"
    -She called me, said yes, I came and picked her up, we drove around trying to find the pizza place
    -We ate pizza, then were gonna go to get ice cream but it would take forever to drive there so we ended up stopping in a neighborhood then just walking around for like two hours
    -Eventually we drove around some more and then she had to go home
    -She hugged me yay

    That was like half a year ago. She actually said recently "we should hang out again" but I'm crushing on this other girl so I don't want things to get complicated...

    But yeah, I don't think it was really a date, just a hangout, but it was a good experience nonetheless. It was mostly just talking.


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  • My favorite one was oddly when I was seventeen.

    My first boyfriend took me glow-in-the-dark-mini-putting, while I was sick. He wanted to get dinner, but I was too ill to eat. I was feeling pretty weak and dreary, so for the entire time, he held me and helped me put each shot - also because I was awful at sports. I got tired half way through, so we went to a dark corner of the room, sat down, and just chatted. After that we went to the arcade and he let me sit in his lap while he played games.

    It was extremely dorky yet gentlemanly, and not at any point did he get irritated or frustrated with me, which was great. I have yet to have another date quite like that one.

  • Thought I found the one... He was a motorbike rider like me. We just let the day take us wherever.. We didn't plan anything, we went to the gas station to fuel up, brought drinks chilled on the sidelines, then we kicked back at the beach till the dark set. I like unplanned things, and I don't expect much from him. Unfortunately he cheated on me.. I couldn't look past that..

  • best date haven't had a best date and that chance is so over I got a baby girl and boyfriend


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  • I took my girlfriend on a walk in the woods for our first date. She loved it because she thought the scenery was beautiful, she like being alone with me, and she loves to go on walks. That was certainly the best first date the both of us have been on.