If he calls every day, does that mean he likes me?

I started college a few weeks and ago. Most of my friends are my age and went off to their universities, but a few of them are younger than me are still in high school. One of my guy friends is a senior in high school. He used to date a friend of mine, but they weren't very serious at all and she broke up with him about a month ago.

He had always been the type of guy who would rather call than text or e-mail so I didn't really think anything of it when he called me while they were dating or for a couple weeks after that... but now he calls me every single day. Usually he calls more than once... Our conversations vary from 10 minutes to 2 hours and we talk all the time... whenever something happens, good or bad, he calls me to tell me about it... Is he just being a friend or does his calling every day mean something more?