How I can I show him I like him?

What are some cute/ sweet gestures to show him I care. We just starting seeing each other and now that I'm back at school we are far from one another. What cute things can I say to him/ snap or text him. I want to keep things progressing. He's visiting me in two weekends so I want to do something sweet and romantic for him


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  • Give him some compliments. Not so much on looks but on his physical built ness. Like how he looks way tougher than the fags you see at school. This should go a long ways for him and show that he shouldn't worry about you falling for some other guy when he's not around. Also guys like cute pictures. Like ones that he could continue to look at when he's thinking about you. Or even just tell him you've been thinking about him and throw in a winky face (;

  • just make him touch your boobs coincidently , and call him home and wear bikini only in front of him


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