I'm so worried! Has she stopped liking me, or is this all in my head?

So this past weekend I asked this girl out who I really, really like (she said yes)... Anyway we held hands and I kissed her once. Anyway, before this shed been sending me hearts (over the phone) and flirting with me in general. However today when I've texted her, she's been a lot less romantic... No hearts, just a lot of one word answers and I'm worried... What do you guys think has happened?


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  • maybe she's upset, let's see if her future texts be like that then ask her if there is any problem with her like whether she's upset for some reason etc then she would be able to tell you if she has any worries otherwise just be with her to see if she's interested in you or not.

    • I said I was going to sleep and she said "goodnight ❤️" so I'll call it a victory!

    • way to go. :D \-/


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  • Either
    1. She's having a bad day.
    2. She's lost interest.
    3. She was playing a game with you that many immature girls enjoy playing.


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  • girls do this a lot... just call her up, or stop texting, if she cares, she will text back, just prepare for more games...