I feel like he's pushing me away?

The guy i'm seeing at home says he loves me & can't wait to see me when i'm back in a few weeks.
We have been skyping once a week but he doesn't talk to me for the rest of the time.
He didn't used to do that, we would talk everyday!
I feel like he's pushing me away.


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  • He's just become exhausted from all the frequent communication, it happens. You can't expect a guy to keep up that type of consistent communication. Plus you've been talking to him for a while now, so there's no need for it in his mind.

    • well how do i make sure he doesn't drift away?

    • He won't lol, don't worry about it. This is normal, this is simply a case of him starting out with a high frequency of communication that he couldn't/wouldn't keep up.

      Less communication doesn't always equal less interest. In this your case, I'm pretty positive this is true.

    • by the way, is your relationship with this guy limited to Skype?


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  • maybe there's something keeping him busy , you have to know that everyone has a life and even if you are in a relation ship neither him nor you have all your time for each other.

  • He may have another girl in the picture.


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  • You should talk to him about how it's making you feel.

  • Am sorry but I think long distance relationships unless that both are committed 50/50 to make it work it will work other than that maybe he's is pulsing you away but you should tell him this so he's aware