Can you be friends with someone you've dated?

I had been dating a really great guy for around 7 weeks. We decided to end things to stop dating (we were never an actual couple) as he wasn't over the hurt of his last relationship and we both couldn't see each other working in the long term because of our differing lifestyles and beliefs.
We however, get along really well, talk for hours, muck around, joke and genuinely just enjoy spending time together. I really care about him but could never see myself falling in love with him.
Would it be naive to think that we could be friends?
Niether of us want a relationship with one another so could it work?
We are very attracted to each other sexually. Would a friends with benefits work or would sex just cause further problems.
Any advice or has anyone been in a similar situation?


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  • iv tried, i honestly have. but its just... so... AWKS!!
    it will never be the same.


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  • Been there done that.

    • and the outcome was?

    • All of my relationships ended well and I am on good terms and friends with all my exes except for one in particular.

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  • I don't know, I think it depends on how the relationship ended. I know I was friends for a while before I dated my ex. And he cheated which pretty much ruined the friendship and relationship. He still tries, but the bridge is pretty burnt.

  • it may be possible to just be friends but if you allow sex to enter into the equation it will blow up quickly in my opinion

  • Pipe dream and what would be the point?

    • We enjoy spending time together but won't work as a couple and we both know that. That's why I wanted to know if it would be possible.