How do I break up with my boyfriend?

I'm starting to doubt our relationship and I just don't see us together in the future. We have different interests too. He's super sporty and I'm into anime/manga and arty stuff. I also want to talk with my mum About it but I don't know what I should say. I don't know when a good time to tell him is either. We're both still in school holidays, and school starts on Feb 2nd. My birthday is in Feb and he's said that he already got me something small (idk if he really has though). But I don't want him to get me anything because I want to tell him soon that I want to break up. So in short: How should I tell him and when would be a good time? Also, should I talk to my mum before I do?

Talked to my mum :) we had a good long chat about it. Mum knows best in these situations. Thanks to everyone who tried to help!


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  • Talk to your mom I dont say that some advice here in GAG are not good some are and reallt good but there's nothing like mom's advice they know us better than anyone and they have the best interest and intentions for us, it great to see a fellow gager that trust her mom I trust mine also

    • Thanks... did you talked your mom?

    • Yea :) she really helped. She even talked about her past experience with boys and it made me laugh and feel a lot better about it. She helped me realise I overthinked things :P thanks for your advice too!

    • That's nice there's nothing like mom's advice :)


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  • Sooner the better, if u want to end if. Asap is best
    Prolonging this would just be bad for both of u.
    Be honest and just lay it out there, it'll maybe hurt him but itll be better than later when he's even more attached


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  • Tell him that you don't feel anything anymore. That you don't want to hurt him, but you just can't go on. It might be scary to say it. But. If you ever did love him once.. The. Tell him. Don't pet him suffer or think that you love him. But do it nicely. you don't want the break up to end ugly.

  • Announce it at his house.