Met a 18 yr old online?

I met this 18 year old guy online last year & we still talk... he lives an hour away but never comes to see me? But like he literally talks to me about anything & everything in his life , we Skype, he gets jealous of other guys, he's sent me dick pics (never sent him any dirty ones) I don't mind because I like him , sometimes he askes me to moan for him & I make him send me fresh out the shower selfies, honestly I feel a connection to him I'm 25 & he's 19 but he has his own house & car , works construction , he has a really fast & fiery temper & is kinda wild but when I talk he listens not like "uh huh" I mean straight up listens & applies :) he can be really mean to others so I constantly have to reign him in because he doesn't realise.. so if he finds me so attractive & I mean so much to him why doesn't he come see me? I mean literally we talk ALL THE TIME! Not even texts he has to talk to me everyday & night what gives :(


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  • Maybe he is shy or doesn't know what to do about the age part. I think that for fun age doesn't matter but if u want something serious not sure he would be mature... so take the fun if that's what u want and forget about a relationship


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  • How do you know he has his own car and house? From my experience, chatting and learning from the other men, most of them like to lie about what they have. Especially on the money part. Money is the second if not equal to the penis insecurity most guys have.

    This is what I don't understand. You've been talking to him for a year and he still has not came to see you? I've worked in construction before, all I did was act as the safety patrol (was recovering from back injury). Construction is a cut throat job, some work for 6 months and take 6 months off. Something is fishy here.

    Have you ever thought of visiting him instead?

    • His house and car come from his dad as does his job & I know its all real because like I said we're not in the same town but are constantly on the phone or Skype I've even talked to his mom before she's like a old school Spanish lady

    • Oh and I have thought of visiting because he'sasked me to stay @ the house with him but I've never gone out of town by myself & I'm scared.. damn I'mma baby

  • hmmm that's weird. he doesn't seem to be the shy type.

    maybe he believes that you would consinder it impolite to come and visit you?

    oh and by the way don't listen anyone who tells you he's too young for you. he's above legal age

    • Possibly I mean anytime I ask him to come see me he says "no you come see me I'll pay for the car" but I'm scared to go out of town by myself :(

  • What ever floats your boat


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  • How do you know that what he has told you isn't a lie? You met him online after all... &To be honest, I feel you two might be in two different stages in life. You're 25, mid-twenties. He's not even 20 yet, still technically a teenager. He's still discovering himself just like most of us in those early years. He may seem like an old soul with you, it's a little odd? And he hasn't even gone to see you, which your issue. If he has a car, he could easily make time to go and see you If he was really interested. I know guys like him. they act like they care. They tell you what you want to hear but end up hurting you. My advice to you, is to forget this kid and move on to someone closer to age and willing to commit. And by the way, he probably gets jealous of those other guys because guys typically want what other guys want. Just saying.

  • He is a young little boy.. Personally I think that you're too old for him

    • He's not a little boy he's grown & intelligent