What to expect on your very first date?

Well this weekend, I'm supposed to be going to a sushi bar date with my boyfriend and I've never told him this before but I've never been on a date before with anyone. So can you give me suggestions of what to wear, what to talk about, and gestures I should be aware of on the date.


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  • I can help you with gestures and talking but the dressing is up to you haha.

    The talking part is easy. Just look at your surroundings and try to talk about that. you can talk about sushi and make up your dream ingredients or some shit haha
    If you run out of ideas just ask him things about his life. And most importantly try to avoid telling him that you don't know what to talk about. It tends to make things awkward.

    With gestures try to read him and see if he wants in, or nah.
    Best way to tell is to touch his hand and see his reaction.

    And don't be nervous about you're date. Just think of it as just a hangout with ur bf. just eating sushi with your friend that happens to be ur boyfriend.

    Try not to talk about his previous relationships because if one of his dates were really good he will compare and that ain't good


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  • Tell him you haven't, that's adorbs. Then he can help you and kinda joke about it and omg that's gonna be goddam cute.

  • Hmm boyfriend with out having a first date. That's an interesting concept.


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  • He's already your boyfriend? Easiest first date ever. You've already gotten pass the hard awkward stuff. Just be you. He already likes you, as evidenced by the fact he is your boyfriend.

    Wear something that makes you feel good when you put it on and look in the mirror. That's all that matters. You feel good = you look good.

    There is no difference between this and you and him hanging out or communicating like you normally do other than the fact it is in a restaurant. Don't let the label of "date" scare and intimidate you. It is just you and him as you always are. Just be usual awesome you.

  • Just talk about what you normally talk about with him. Dress comfortably and be yourself. Also remember, a first date is NOT an interview. So don't go asking all these super personal questions on it. Save those for later. Just have fun. My first date with my bf was to the movies. We laughed, talked or rather whispered, about our obsession with Buncha Crunch. We talked about the predictableness of the movie and laughed at it. It was natural and fun. We held hands too and kissed. It was fun, and despite me being super nervous about it at first, my nerves calmed as soon as I was with him. It's not as big a deal as we make it out to be. Just go with the flow.