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He played me VERY badly ! I barely got friends so I'm always lonely & he used to call me everyday and make me feel loved. He moved out of state and he told me we were gonna be together and he promised me he wasn't playing me and had feelings for me so I sent him bad pics a lot bc he always wanted them. I sould say I truly fell him, everyday he was the first thing that came to my mind, he eventold me about the plans for us as soon as he moved back, and he would always say that me & him were destined and I believed it. He would do caring things like call me just to make sure I was safe and not out at some party, he even stopped me from going out once. He even used to tell me personal things about his fam including illegal things. Then when he was about to come back he called me with his friend acting like an azzhole and even humiliated me with his friend! "Do you think we were destined?" "Idk if we can be kicking it" he hung up on me and even let his friend pretend to be him on the phone. Then he literaly forced me to see him and after we had sex he let me walk in the dark alone by myself in a bad neighborhood and called me 15 mins after to see if i was ok smh ! I was so mad and heart broken, but why did he do so much nice things like care about my safety and talk everyday? I dont get it...


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  • Sometimes people do nice things. Sometimes they do mean things. Really not much else to figure out. People don't always make sense. The best thing to do is see how you feel about all this be brave and make the decisions you believe will give you the best outcome in life.


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  • Because he was playing the game (you) don't waste your time with that loser and move on. Remember guys who tell you there gonna be with you forever that's bs. A real man will show you.


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  • some guys are nice in the beginning but it's so that u can fall for them.. so that they can have u right where they want u... then their true colors start to show. this guy hurt you but I can assure u that u will be fine. It may take some time but u will be ok. You need to really move on from this guy. Dont call him or text him. Dont sleep with him. Live & learn. Don't believe everything that comes out of a guy's mouth. Pay attention to his actions. His actions should be consistent too. Tell yourself that u deserve much better. I hope everything works out well for you hun.😘

  • players are just players... you need to move on for your sake
    i fell in love with a player myself... but i left him as soon as i found out he's just a player... seriously staying with him makes you suffer only... so have courage and move on.. you know he doesn't deserve you
    and never believe what people say... believe what they do instead :)

  • He's not worth it. ignore him