Dating friend ex from 2/3 years ago?

So my friend dated this girl about 2/3 years ago while we was in high school at the time of him dating her we just knew of each other we werent really friends if we saw each other we'd say wassup and that's the only time we'd talk... we didn't hang out like we do now. after they dated me and her started talking heavily but she moved. me and him became close friends he told me bout her and he doesn't have feelings for her, only had sex a 2/3 times , but now she's back and it feels like picked up where we left off I really like her but would it be wrong if I dated her knowing that my friend use to?

Ok so he says he doesn't cares but it kills me he tries to talk down /bad on her now that they aren't together


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  • Are y'all best friends? Was he in love with her?

    • Not at all and yea we hang every other day

    • If you actually like this guy I would ask how he would feel about it. He could be ok with it and not care. That way you know you wouldn't be hurting the friendship.


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  • nah make a move


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  • if you wanna go for it then do it, take it slow.