Is this honestly normal?

Ok to start off im not desperate or anything and im not fishing for compliments either.. i just want the honest truth.
Most of the people from my school already have boyfriends/girlfriends, they're not virgins anymore and i'm 17.. i've never been on a date, i've never been told by a guy that he likes me, i've only kissed one guy.. one time.

Is it normal? do guys find me inimidating, do guys find me unattractive? or is it something else?

i sometimes loose hope that i'll ever find someone at times but then there's times where im really positive and have this huge intuition that i'll find someone one day.

and no im not desperate to have a boyfriend i just want to know if its normal, people even get surprised when i tell them i'm still a virgin since not many people wait amd stuff.


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  • Being a virgin at 17 is by no means unreasonable. Kids are losing their virginity earlier and earlier these days!

    I felt the same way as you all through high school. But trust me, this time of your life is so small and it seems like a big deal now but once you get out into college and university, you'll realize there are so many more people in the world. You're going to meet a LOT of new friends and you'll definitely fall in love. Just try to enjoy this time of your life without worrying about boys - I know that's hypocritical because when I was in high school it sometimes felt like it was all I worried about! Just focus on feeling good about yourself, working hard in your classes, and being a kind and loving person. Have fun with your friends. Love comes when you stop looking and start living.

    I am a big believer in fate, and that everything will always work out the way it is meant to. Just because you feel like you haven't been noticed by boys yet does NOT mean you never will be, take it from someone who was a COMPLETE ugly duckling in school (and I mean it was really, really bad) who grew up into a swan and fell in love.

    Just try and be patient, there IS someone out there who is looking for someone just like you, and you will find them, I know it.


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  • its normal. dont worry about it. seriously.

  • It's normal. You're young. It will happen.

  • First kiss and serious relationship at 19 here my Gf was 18 don't worry if i remember the first time is usually near 18yo?


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  • Sex appeal comes from your brain, not personality but the way you act: body language, eye contact, smiling etc etc