My bf is so high strung/mean what to do?

Situation: I spent an hour looking for the exact snowboard my bf wants online. He leaves work and asks if I'll go with him to pick it up at the store. He says be ready in 5 minutes. Literally 10 min later I walk outside and his car is gone... he sent a text saying I took forever and left. I was so upset I called him twice and texted once... he hasn't answered. I want to keep calling till he answers but I know that's silly. He's 32! Isn't that immature? What should I do? I'm so furious!!!


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  • You know what? I highly YOU were the cause of him being so irritable.

    Many men, tend to internalize our life frustrations, and that frustration "leaks out" with random lash-outs like this.

    Instead of bitching at him, ask him if something bothered him today.


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  • I'm my opinion, I think you should leave it. Wait for him to come back for you. It is a silly excuse for leaving and especially is you have been looking for something to buy him as a gift. Be patient. He will come back.
    Hope I helped a little bit😕☺

  • He could of just had a bad day