How do you choose which girl to ask out?

How do you choose which girl to ask out? I'm interested in three different friends and I have a very deep bond with all of them. However, I'm not sure how to even choose one of them to go out with. I want to go out with someone I know rather than a random girl.


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  • well you better choose the one that you will be 100% committed to... aka not going from girl to girl. if you can narrow it down to one, you will be less tempted to stray.

    • Well, I plan on being 100% committed. They all have great qualities. It's just very hard.

    • I'm not doubting your intentions, I'm just saying that it seems like you are divided between three girls and that could cause some problems for you and for them. Maybe wait it out and see who you develop the deepest connection for. But don't lead them on if you aren't planning on being with then

    • Thanks :) have you decided?


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  • Whoever seems like they will give you the least trouble? You should try to become drawn to one of them more.

  • Its a proportion to who's the most attractive to who has the most intrest in you. Try to pick the hottest girl that's in to you.

    • They are all attractive to me. They are all also interesting.