Dating Auctions

If you could present yourself for a dating auction, how much do you honestly believe you would make? Please try to be honest. And would you ever be willing to participate in one if you haven't?


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  • I guess it would depend on the minimum bid allowed. I think I could make a pretty penny though lol

    The thought of going on a date with a total stranger who essentially bought me isn't all that appealing, so if I participated in a dating auction, it would have to be for a cause that's important to me.

    • Lol - for some reason - this image popped in my mind of a bidder being like "I WILL TAKE HER FOR ONE ***PREEEETTTTTYYYY*** PENNY" and then the auctioneer saying "Pretty penny going once! Pretty penny going twice!!!! SOLD TO THE MAN IN YELLOW FOR A PRETTY PENNY!"

      ... hmmm perhaps this should be followed by a "and then I found five dollars"

      Not sure if it was comment worthy - but you have been given one free trip through the mind of bitesizedonut - feel privileged ;D

    • Aww, now I feel like I auctioned myself off for a penny that's fresh out of the mint. I would rather just make a donation to a cause and save my self-esteem than subject myself to that lol


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  • heheh I'm not a toy nor an item but if the auction was for a good cause then I'd probably do that. as for how much I would make? --Idk...but I say a good amount ..hahha

    how much do you think you could make if you present yourself for a dating auction?

    • I have no idea. Never really thought about it lol. I'd say average amount?

  • If I had to present myself for a dating auction. I think I would make $500-$1,000. I would make that because I'm pretty hot, intelligent, and have a wicked sense of humor. His money will not be wasted. But I would only participate if it were for a good cause, Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, United Negro College Fund, or money to fund HIV/AIDS education domestically and abroad!

  • Great question, I never have and never would participate in one. If it was an auction where the bidders were all multi millionaires (sp?) then I would make thousands easily. I sound cocky lol but I honestly believe I would make thousands.


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  • Hmm, $80? I don't really see anything valuable about me. I'm not a hunk, women don't flock to me. Nor am I ugly(I think so). I am smart I would say, but opinionated and tend to drone on and on. I think I'm very boring. And I am shy, so I wouldn't talk too much upfront. Furthermore, things that interest me tend to bore others so I would have nothing to talk about.

    I'm sure others might say otherwise, but I've always had a negative view of myself.

    I don't see anyone spending over $100 to spend a day with me.

    I've never been in one and probably wouldn't be in one unless it was close I had nothing else to do, and it was for a good cause.

  • To be brutally honest, I haven't got a clue. As for participating, well, perhaps.