I want to hang out with a guy alone (not at a restaurant or movies or public space) but I live in a studio apt which is just an open bedroom?

I live in a small studio apt and now that I'm dating I'm realizing it's not guy friendly. I don't want it to be weird/awkward and misleading by inviting a guy I'm seeing to my place since the only furniture is my bed. But at the same time, I want to hang out and get to know each other and part of that process is going to each other's places. We can't sit and watch a movie on the couch because I don't have one. What do I do? Can I ask him to hang out at his place instead? I don't want to invite myself over but what other choice do I have?


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  • just bring them along and let your intentions be known ahead of time. you can try and make it work in your own studio.


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  • We guys anyways do not like big furniture and crappy designed. Just keep the place clean and it should not smell bad then there is no problem. Plus we love crashing at places which are not normal.


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  • Just add some throws, cushions and pillows to make it look more like a couch.
    Just Google "make bed look like a couch" there are tons of ideas and there's loads on pintinterest to.