Is he going to propose me tomorrow?

There is a guy who had been studying with me since two years. I always noticed him initially for glancing at me secretly and once when I caught him he turned away his eyes. He also said to me that in the last class he'd say something. I asked him but he told me to let time come. I developed my liking for him and I said to him few months ago that I liked him to which he replied me that "I know a lot of things and much more. Just wait." And then after a month I said to him, "U r a beautiful person" on which he replied, "So r u" I said "I may not be but u r." He said "Not may! U r" I said "Now thats interesting, so how?" He said, "I'll tell you just wait." The guy had been complimenting me on my looks as well. He also knows that I am a kind hearted person. Tomorrow we have our last class and he just gave a call to me and we were discussing about music when at once he sang. Then stopped. I said sing it as his voice was so charming. He said I might sing it tomorrow in class. He also told me about how he had been taking interest in girls and that in the previous college he said to some girl he liked her to which she gave a cold reply. I have a feeling he likes me too and wants to propose me. Is it true? Or it's just my imagination.


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  • Imagination. He would not be proposing, he may ask you out. Think realistically and lower expectations, a lot.


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