Did I accidentally muck things up with her and if not, is there a potential something that could happen?

ok, there's this girl i talk to at school. We are really cool always walk to class together and stuff. finally i got up the nerve to go to this banquet thing with me and she said yes. Neither of us specified if this was like a date or were we just friends. Anyway we went and everything was cool. She seemed interested and we talked at the banquet and the whole way back to her house. She talked a lot and laughed at a lot of things i said. Then when i stopped at her house before i could say anything she hopped out of the car and said bye. The next day she was acting kinda weird and when we were suppose to walk together she said she had to talk to a friend. Then i tried texting her and no response. Does anybody know whats going on?


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  • Do her parents have issues with her dating just pull her aside at lunch what's going on if the parents saw you and they don't want her dating she might have gotten in trouble.

    • Don't think so. They were really nice to me when I met them.

    • Well ask her what's up that's the only way you will get an answer

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  • to talk to her personally but be humble and not straightforward... cheers...