Would a European guy date a mixed raced woman?

So I am really attracted to European guys, many are so gorgeous and hardworking. An I admire that in a guy. Where I live there are many, but I keep thinking I am not sure they would date me as they always stare a lot at me.

There is one who has caught my eye a few times, he works locally like 2 mins from my housr. I catch him staring from behind his till but I keep thinking maybe he got bored and saw me passing, he does look over at me everytime though. He has served me few times, and seemed nervous.

An he asked if I was ok once also, as when he stares he doesn't look away when I return his stare so he's not shy right? But even if he's not shy no guy would hit on a customer like that I guess even if he wanted to.

I have had European guys ask for my number so I notice some would date me. I just hope they don't assume that I am off limits as I do not fancy black guys really. I guess it comes down to their preference


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  • YES

    if he doesn't give a SHIT about races and BS like that then YEAH he'd do that!!!

  • i don´t see a reason that speaks against it xD i mean other things are obviously way more important than race...

  • why wouldn't he? I see no problem

  • Well I was with a European woman for 3 years so yes.:)

    • But your not European are u lol... I was talking about European males...

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    • But I'm also. Not black, but why wouldn't they be interested you look lovely ^. ^

    • I mean Turkish, Mexican etc type of guys as you know lol. I am British haha. Ok thanks...

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