How important is confidence?

I am confident in who I am but not in looks. I like who I am but I feel like girls won't be interested in me. I recently lost weight but still have a low self esteem as far as looks go. I feel like self esteem is a lot of baggage to bring into a relationship but does it matter? I don't want to keep questioning whether the girl I'd be with is satisfied being with me. I feel like I might do this. Does a girl want someone who is confident in who they are or confident that girls find them appealing and "want them".


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  • Most women say it is very important but what they dont realize is how many guys are confident that shouldn't be as they are really losers who talk a good game only... Not smart, not career oriented, players, cheaters, unstable. Young girls should look at the portential in a guy not a false persona of being confident.

    • True and I'm just not that arrogant or cocky

    • Try to get your look justbright for the ladies... How? As some to help or go to a good stylist. Lose weight, pump up, smile and most impirtanly dont think they won't like you as that will come across and is what makes you seem unconfident.

    • Ask, not as*.


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  • Confident in who you are. Fake it to you make it

    • So confidence that girls "want me" isn't as necessary

    • No because you will come off as cocky and a flirt/player is you want girls to think your confident that other women like you.

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  • Very important. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.