Which guy should I am confused?

I should be done with this guy, I thought I was. But I go back to a dude who doesn't show me respect or care about me he just wants sex, and then I got this new guy who actually wants something with me, who respects me and treats me right and who doesn't want just sex from me and he takes me out on dates and we talk on the phone hours and he tells me he is crazy about me. I just don't know what to do?


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  • Go for what you prefer.

    I like to refer to relationships in 3 parts :

    Eros (physical attraction)
    Phillia (mental attraction)
    Agape (love)

    You have Eros and mostlikely Agape for the first ones while you only have phillia for the second. It's up to you to know if that new guy can have Eros and Agape.

    • That is a good way of explaining it. Thank you.


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  • Go for this new guy, he seem more decent and suitable for you.

  • Lol I might not know much about this, but a guy that does not respect you, does not deserve a place in your heart :P

  • This is not a difficult choice.


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