I can't understand what his "yes" means? PLEASE HELP?

So its kind of a long story, I went on a date and was wondering if he liked me or not.. so i texted him and said "So I guess you didn't like me? If not its no big deal, just be honest and I will go away forever. Please reply yes or no. If its a no I will not text you one word back! i know this is awkward but I just have to have the truth. go ahead!" so he texted me "yes" but the way I phrased this question could mean yes he did like me.. or yes he doesn't like me. i told him if the answer is no.. i will not text you one word back.. what does his Yes mean?


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  • So rephrase the question and aks again. Just be honest that you didn't phrase it as well as you could have, ask "Do you. want to go out with me again." Simple as that. Then you know.

  • That's why I prefer calls. No confusions.


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