How do you get the guy?

I know it's not quite as simple as that question makes it sound, but my aching "I'm crushing hard" heart wants to know. What does it take to get the guy? Is it confidence? Is it being responsible? Is it being smart? Or is it all much more physical than that?
It's just hard to see the guy you like, that has every characteristic you've ever wanted and appreciated in a guy, and not just want him to be yours.. so what do I do? We've both told each other that we like each other, but how do I make that next step happen?


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  • You say, ' hey wanna hang out?'


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  • I feel like, as a guy, the younger you are the more physical it is. Everyone is different though. For me, if I like a girl, I will ask her out in due time.

    • he's already asked me on a date, but i had to cancel for a family emergency. we've talked about going out again since, but it just hasn't happened..

  • No its just being yourself and making him special!


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