What do you do if your best friend starts dating a girl you are crazy about?

You have never told your best friend about this girl and one day you find out that he is dating her.


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  • God that's the worst thing.
    Let her go, she's officially off grounds as a dating rule. And I don't know how it works in the brofriend world but if you were a girl, you wouldn't be allowed to even thing about her, even if she's stopped dating.

    • Am I not even allowed to ask her out if the breakup sometime later

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    • Don't stop hanging out with them. Am don't make it seem like you're jealous.
      And plus no one knows, right? Think about how awkward it would be if they did know.

    • Hmm
      But I don't wanna do it but it's like I don't have a choice

  • murder... definitely... murder

    • Lol
      My friend for dating her or the girl for messing up our friendship

  • You should've told your friend you were interested in the girl. As you haven't, now all you gotta do is get used to your friend dating the person you wanted.

    • Should I be a bad friend and break them up

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    • Well, I would, if I were in a similar situation.

    • I think I should stop seeing them

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  • that's a hard one... but I guess you can just avoid being with them both together also every time your friend talks about her just try to change the subject tell you get use to it

  • did you tell him before it happened?

    • He said he didn't

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    • Lol I meant I can't let her go

    • i was in the same situation as you but im over it now just give it time