He won't contact me :( Is it over?

We've been flirting for a few weeks now. At some point he told me that he wanted to know more about me, and that we should go on a date etc. But then some days he'd be a bit more distant, saying stuff like you'll find a great guy soon.

So two days ago, I got sick of him saying stuff like that, and basically told him that I liked him. We were talking about relationships and he said that he doesn't really date, and for him, it's a serious relationship (I think he basically wants to get married to the next girl he dates?) or just friendship. But then I really had to go for something so we didn't finish the conversation (it ended with me basically telling him that I like him).

That was two days ago and I haven't talked to him since then because I figured that if he's interested, he'd talk to me (like, I thought i should give him a chance to respond, and if he's not interested, I'll try not to take it personally and just move on). But he hasn't messaged me in about two days (well, maybe a day and a half), but he still likes stuff that I put up on fb and stuff...

What's going on? Everything seemed so good until now. He'd tell me how he thought I was cute, we'd text throughout the day every day and send random photos of our daily lives, and we'd flirt and have fun. We're also long-distance and we've been talking about him coming to see me and stuff, and planning the things that we want to do when he comes, so I'm really upset that the communication seems to have died completely :(

Will he text me back soon, do you think? He also just got out of a relationship of like 5 years maybe 3 months ago, but I got the vibe that he's over her, because he doesn't really try to talk about her, and also he was the one who dumped her.

Is it over? I feel like I should move on to save a heartbreak, but I honestly thought that he liked me (like, women's intuition), and I really like him too!


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  • Oh my God! I just had that experience last Tuesday. There's this guy (same with yours, long distance and stuffs), and he always called and texted me. He was so sweet and everything. He even told me several times how he loves me already. He just broken up with his ex like last two months ago and he also said he was over her since he's the one who dumped her. But last Tuesday, everything change. He didn't call me like he used to. He didn't text me either. And I thought that if he really cares, he'll be the one doing the first move. So I waited. Then I figured out he already have a girlfriend. I saw his post on Facebook like 5 hours ago now. So I unfriended him and texted him how big of a liar he was. He just played with me. So based on my experience, I think your man doesn't like you anymore. I don't know. I could be wrong. But I suggest you take care of your heart and expect the possibilities that can happen.

    • He wouldn't be that big of a jerk, because in the short time I've gotten to know him, I've learned that he really is a very kind person. But I get that you can't help being attracted or not attracted to someone, so I guess I'll just take care of my heart and not contact him anymore. I think the ball is clearly in his court, and if he doesn't play, I can't be the one playing for both of us.

    • Some guys knows what to say to make us think they're different. (like they're nice and stuffs) Especially the players. Players pretend to catch feelings quickly. They will call everynight, text all day. As flattered as you may be, know that it is all a trap. His goal is for you to get used to it. He is getting that routine stored in your brain, so that next week when he stops talking to you, you're already head over heels for him.


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  • Yeah, probably. Sorry.

    • :( do you think it was something that i did?

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    • I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

    • He might still want to be your friend.

  • it is over...

    • :( elaborate?

    • I T I S O V E R. is it enough :)?

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  • There are 2 possibilities the first one is more likely 1) If you were leading the flirting he was probably just being nice and just responding in the same way. He could have been hinting the whole time when you said he said you will find a great guy sometime that he is not interested. 2) it honestly is a huge thing for him to be in a relationship and he just needs more time to get to know you as a friend before he makes that choice.

    • I'm not sure... I thought he was the one leading the flirting but I guess it could have been me, or that's just how he is. He also told me that he either dates with the intention of having children with the girl, or he doesn't date at all. So I guess either choice could be right... But if he were interested in me, he would have already messaged me right? Like, I should just move on?

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    • If that's the case he is probably just playing with you because he knew you were interested soo... don't get your hopes up

    • I really don't think he's a jerk (no matter what happens between us) but i guess i should try to protect my feelings now. i'll update if i hear anything from him i guess :(

  • Personally I don't believe in giving up. This situation is discouraging, but you can always keep trying. I had a crush on a guy six years ago and it kind of dwindled out, and last month he found me out of the blue and it turns out he actually did like me then so we are starting now. My suggestion would be to text him and ask how he is doing on day 3. See how the convo goes, and ask if he still wants to visit. Go from there. Maybe ease into talk of relationship.

    • I usually would have no problem texting first, but I feel like this is the one time the ball is really in his court, because I just told him that I liked him. If he also likes me, then he'll text me back sooner or later, and if I was bothering him, this is his chance to make that clear, and I don't want to chase after someone who is not interested at all. For now, I'm leaning towards forgetting about him unless he messages me again, and keeping my options open :) I've never not been asked out by guys that I liked before (okay, one of them asked me out 7 years later when I was no longer interested) so I'll just wait :) Thanks for your opinion :)

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    • You think that a guy would be sitting at home waiting for my text, when I just told him that I liked him? That doesn't work in my head...

    • Well, whatever. Like I said its your own choice. If you don't like my opinion, don't take it.