Topics guys like to talk with their girl?

i need something interesting , please help


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  • I like to talk about her background and see where she comes from, to define what kind of person she is and why she's like that, I'd like to understand her better so id understand her likes and dislikes

    This is only when I'm genuinely interested in her
    Which is a bit rare, other than that I ask about her work and current life so she opens up, and has a good time talking to me. Gotta make sure she had a good date,


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  • Anything we have in common. Seriously, if you have something in common, start with that. Because if you're both even a little enthusiastic about it you will keep talking about it for a long time. And once you've started the conversation will flow really easily.
    Hope this helps and good luck :)

  • Just whatever comes to your mind comment people around you talk about songs, movies or whatever just be confident usually the guy will keep talk n talk n talk about everything comes to his mind if he stuck dont laugh help him try to find a new topic

  • if he want speak he gonna ask and you gonna have long talk. if not he gonna kiss you and after you not gonna stressed lot about it^^


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