How are these flowers for a first date?

I was thinking about getting flowers for this gorgeous girl I might take out in a date. I haven't asked her yet but wanted to think ahead.

Maybe flowers is a bad idea? Or is it a good idea? Maybe after a few dates. Anyways, I was thinking these:


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  • How about not going with flowers? she might either feel flattered or awkward because usually people dont give flowers on first date.

    • What about second or third date?

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    • like seriously... i dont understand those girls, to me, what most important is the companionship.
      if you really want to get her flowers, then get one stalk or a small bouquet it looks nicer and compact.

    • They feel appreciated by the guy

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  • I think that a small bunch of roses (say about 6-8) in pastel colours are really sweet. ( yellow, pink, white etc). Whatever your florist has in stock. Leave red roses for later in the relationship, maybe until after you have move the relationship into the bedroom. Red roses denote romance and sexual attraction.

    • But flowers are a good idea?

    • I think so, but a small bunch. It should just be a token of appreciation, nothing too big or over the top.

  • Flowers, yay!
    Not a lot of guys give girls flowers now a days.
    And it's sad :(

    I would be swiped off my feet if someone took flowers on the first date, It's so gentlemen like (: And, there aren't a lot of those anymore.

    • Do you think most girls would like it or no? Based on the feedback below it seems no.

    • Because they don't appreciate gentlemen (;

    • How would I know if they did?

  • I don't think you should give flowers on the first date, unless it's a special occassion.. like Valentine's day or something.


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  • flowers are fuckin' common find sth more unique... like a... hmmm...

    how about a happy meal from McDonald's? XD

  • I think that's too much. There should be a scale of presents. I mean if you buy her these flowers now, then what about the second date? Are u gonna bring her a garden? :P I think one rose would work, maybe a white one. Even if you dont give her anything, it would be fine! But first ask her out, and then you'll decide what to do! Good luck!