Is he interested or just being nice?

there's this cute guy in one of my swimming classes. I think im starting to like him, but I dont know if he likes me or is just being nice. On the day of the midterm, i forgot a pencil, and let me borrow his pen for the midterm. That proves nothing, but its the first thing i noticed with him. Another time, I was studying with my friend before class, and he came up to me and asked about what i was studying. We talked briefly before the instructor walked in. I added him on fb and he accepted. I messaged him once on fb and he replied immediately. I usually wouldn't be reading into this so much, but i think i'm starting to like him, so I want to know if everything he's doing is because he's being nice or if he may be interested. Is he interested or just being nice?


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  • Well from what you've said, i don't see anything out of the ordinary. Any nice guy would do that i guess. If you start noticing him staring at you or randomly smiling at you, waiting for you after class or starting a conversation with you out of the blue, then maybe that could indicate that he may be starting to like you. Good luck! :)


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  • i think he's interested from what you said or he is at least in some degree because if he was just being nice he wouldn't have approached you because if he was just nice he would have only talked to you if you talked to him.


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