If his cousin makes inappropriate remarks like this should I talk to my boyfriend about it?

If my boyfriends cousin says things like "do you like the way I lick the tip or nah?" to my boyfriend & she was referring to a hot dog that she was eating. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Today was me and my boyfriends anniversary and she came into his room while he was like and she said "it's our anniversary" but it was me and his anniversary. She makes sexual remarks and is very flirtatious it seems like. I feel very uncomfrtable... Am I thinking too much?


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  • It appears without it being etched in stone here, dear, that 'My boyfriends cousin' is Obviously trying to make this a Family Affair with her 'Sexual remarks and is very flirtatious.' She is overstepping her boundaries but I am not seeing him stopping her, so One would have to ask themselves: Has anything ever become a Real McCoy in the past with them at one point in time?
    She makes no bones about how she feels about him, and with the writing on the wall and all, she made her proud and poison point to barge 'Into his room' and announced as though she were this pussy cat whose turf and tom were hers: It's our anniversary.
    You have every right to feel as you do... it's like claws on a chalk board and makes your skin crawl to even Think, which I am sure it has crossed your mind, what the hell gives here?
    It's time to take matters into your own paws and put this cat on a hot tin roof to bed once and for all. Have a pet talk with your soul mate and get to the bottom of things before it ends up to be at the bottom of the barrel.
    If you stand for this, you will stoop for whatever poop she decides to throw your way. There is something that doesn't smell right in Denmark and with a hillbilly hen who is hot to trot, if you don't set the record straight with your mate, it could end up to be a battle with the Hatfields and the McCoys.
    Good luck. xx

    • Tell him "Two is company and three is a crowd" and there is only room for One pussy cat... tell him to decide which One. xx

    • I have thought so many things and it's been driving me crazy. I have asked myself, have they did anything together? Am I overreacting? Why would she ever say something like that if it's me and his anniversary. I don't want to start any drama or anything like that but it really bothers me and I just sense something wrong but I don't want him to think I'm crazy. I just can't put my finger on it but I have to tell him. What if he gets mad at me when I tell him how it bothers me?

    • I am surmising with him not saying anything, they may have had a fling thing and stopped maybe when you came along... but he is not stopping this Unstoppable from barging into your own life, so it is leaving me myself to wonder... approach the subject lightly, sweetie, and if you feel he is being abit Defensive, then use your head again and continue to wonder: WTF? Make up your own mind then what you need to do... it isn't healthy this situation... we all at some point, or at least many of us, had a crush on a cousin and some have gone to a make out extent, maybe further... stay on your tippy toes, who knows... xxoo


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  • its best to say whats on your mind to your guy
    before u explode one day out of the blue, plus the cousin is actingout of line for sure

    • How should I go about this? I feel like I really am going to explode, like my heart starts beating faster and everything, that's how uncomfortable I feel.

  • I would be very uneasy about that sort of thing... he may not care, but I realize how it would make you feel

    • What would you do if you were in the situation with a significant other? Honestly, based off who you are. How would you react?

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    • If it's touchy, you need to talk to him about it anyway... it's still a topic

    • That makes sense because, it still matters!

  • Haha! Absolutely! To him..

    • How will he take it though?

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    • He doesn't stop her when she does say it. He laughed and smiled about it. I will read it over and yes I know it does. It's great and you're right, it's the truth.

    • Good luck!!

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  • I would talk to him about it, and if it progresses tell her it makes you uncomfortable. If she doesn't stop tell your boyfriend and if he doesn't do anything about it I would say break up with him. If he can't understand your boundaries are being pushed here, and won't do anything he isn't for you.

    • I just don't know what to say? I really am mad about t because, I find it disrespectful.

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    • I would just tell him how you feel, because the answer may seem like it makes sense when it really doesn't, just save yourself the time and confusion and tell em. Hope it works out for the best 😊

    • I am going to tell him and thanks so much.

  • It's his cousin. It seems like they have that sort of relationship where she can blatantly say things like that. If not, he would be telling her to stop. For you, don't worry, it's not like they're insestual. But if it truly makes you feel uncomfortable just talk to you boyfriend about it :)

    • But I don't like it the sexual remarks

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    • Haha thanks?

    • You're welcome!