Get girlfriend's nieces and nephews to like me?

She absolutely loves her nieces and nephews, so it's a must that they like me.. They're between 6-10 I don't know somewhere around that age.
What should I do to get them to like me?
I haven't met them yet, so it's first impression.


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  • They are just kids... have some fun with them. Play some games, go to the park and play on the equipment with them... push them on the swing, Kick a soccer ball around. Do things that you liked to do when you were there age.

    Regarding her mother and sister, be polite and respectful... especially towards your girlfriend as you like always are. Mom's and sisters like to see that their daughter and sister are respected and cared for.

    If you are going for dinner... help set the table, or do the dishes. Don't be lazy get in and help with things. All women respect a guy who is willing to pitch in!


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  • Be playful. My two favorite things to do with kids are pick them up and play 'Monster' - basically, I slowly stomp after them, waving my arms. *grin*

  • Chuck E Cheese

  • It's so easy at those ages. Just let them beat you in a race, be funny, make silly stupid kiddy poop jokes. Things like that. Tbh, at those ages, you don't have to do much, just be nice.

    • Now what about her older sister and mom? I basically got to win over all of them.
      Her sister's is like 20.
      Oh i'm 18 my gf is 17 if that matters...

    • For moms they'll look at how you speak to her daughter and how you look at her. She'll want you to be polite, let them invite you to sit, never forget pleases and thank yous, stuff like that.

      The sister, I'm assuming those kids are hers. If her kids love you, it's the easiest way. Once she sees you're good with her kids and you're nice to them, speak to them and treat them respectfully, she'll love you.
      If they aren't hers, just smile when you meet her and be really really nice to your girl in front of her, like be polite to her and make sure she's comfortable and stuff.

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  • Buy them candy. Be that creepy pseudo-uncle that they will love but all the adults will be weirded out by.

  • tell them jokes!