Ladies would you date a man without a job or car?

Okay ladies this is a question for all you girls out there please no judging so my question is would you date a man without a job or a car but is looking and trying to get a job who put you first above anything else who spends all his time with you cuddles feeds you cooks for you a man you can always call who has your back who talk to you for hours on end who's wonderful with kids who you know will never let you down and can always make you smile when you're blue or would you rather be with a man who has two jobs a car who you occasionally talk to who cares for you but in different ways he takes you out to movies and dinner you're lucky if you see him twice a week you're really lucky if you guys get to talk on the phone and sex you can forget about that your mans too busy so I guess my point is would you rather date a man with money who barely has time for you or a broke mother fucker who will give you his world and all that he has to offer you.

  • guy with the job who doesn't have time for you
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  • broke mother fucker who will give you all he has to offer you
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  • This is unfair.

    • Lol ok how is it unfair give me your feedback and tell me what's unfair about it.

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    • Okay I didn't mean it like that first of all if you have a job and you're putting in just as much effort in as me great I would love that but life doesn't work that way life is messy and complicated I didn't mean for the question to sound that way it was supposed to be like would you rather date a guy with money who can support you but doesn't put as much effort into the relationship as you vs the one trying to get a job with no money I'm not trying to twist anything and I'm sorry if it came out that way

    • I'm sorry you can't articulate how you feel too?


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  • I'd date neither. Those aren't choices I would ever have to make, they are also ridiculously inconvenient.

    • Um OK that's cool It it was just a question but thank you for your answer:)

  • lmfao@ option B.


  • In that scenario I would pick the" broke mother fucker"however I wouldn't go looking for a guy that has no job or car, and if a guy who didn't have these things asked me out I would most likely say no. To me it means he's lazy, or simply dosnt want to work , and I can't be the working girl while my man is at home with kids. if he had a job and car while we were together and lost it that's a different story. hope this helped

    • Yes it does and it was just a hypothetical question about who would treat you right;)

  • Lmao both options completely suck

  • I never take dating seriously. haha.. so yaa let's have fun. I'd date both if he's cute ;) we're still teenagers people lol

  • Yea, as long as he wasn't hoping to stay jobless.

    • And I totally agree that's a good answer:)