Girls, what would be your initial thoughts if you met a guy like this?

Tall, extremely good looking, articulate, confident and witty. However, during the conversation he has revealed he hasn't been in a relationship for 6 years, and he doesn't date very much. He is not into casual sex either.

What would be your initial thoughts?

Really high standards in women?

Possibly gay?

Too busy?


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  • I would be like sign me up or he is too perfect lol to be real bt anything is possible :). I would date him im a 24 yr virgin waiting for marriage I think it means the guy has morals which I like bt every woman is different. So it really depends on the the type of woman u meet.

    • You would be okay with him not being a virgin? He has had sex before, he just doesn't casually give it out, he's always pursued meaningful relationships.

    • Well yea I would prefer a virgin guy honestly bt I wouldn't turn down a guy that isn't a virgin especially since he has pursued meaningful realtionships. My biggest worry would be could he wait till marriage for sex and if he even wants to be married bc nowadays some guys just want to a realtionship and thats it.


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  • I would think he's cute, wonder why he hasn't dayrd in so long, I'm cool w not having casual sex because that means it's likely something special to him. I'd think he was very nice but would definitely want to get to know him more before anything happens

  • Possibly gay if he's been going without sex that whole time

  • Not only high standards in women, but unrealistic standards in women. A fear of commitment. A loner/introverted. Unconventional hobbies/interests. Somewhat irresponsible.

    • I can understand the fear of commitment and the introversion and hobbies, but I don't get the irresponsible part, that's quite a jump to make. Anything in particular that would make you come to that conclusion?

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    • Clearly you've misunderstood my opinion.

    • You win...

  • really high standards in women , a huge turn on to me ! but he might be a player and a liar too so wouldn't trust guys like these !

    • Think you would give him a chance? He was honest enough to tell you that it's been 6 years since a relationship, most guys would lie because they are too embarrassed to say something like that.

      Or do you think it would be too risky?

    • no not even risky some people love to focus on their education and have no time for relationships which I would understand since the guy's cute

  • Sounds like a nice guy with really really high standards. Or Id assume there's a major personality flaw going on such as anger or narcissm

  • Just that he's good, nothing really bad unless he gave me other reasons to think so.


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  • The trick is to not tell a girl you haven't dated in a long time, but make her wander if you are popular with the ladies. You need to come across as someone who is seeing maybe several girls, because this will get her seeing you as a success with women, and women tend to get competitive when other woman start to show up in there interest's life.

    If you come across as someone who hasn't dated in awhile, or you mention it, a lot of women will begin to wonder what's up with that... and usually it doesn't lead to a good place.

    • The thing is, this person can get a girl at any time. And because they can get a girl at any time, they have no fear or shame of being honest with his history.

    • There's nothing wrong with being honest, but i'd wait until you've caught the girl first before spilling the beans... Especially in the beginning, most girls tend to be curious about that and can see it as you not being good with women, or whatever the case may be.

    • And there it is... the ugly truth.

  • I can relate completely and have gone through a period like this after transitioning out of the military and going to college, then having a hard time fitting back in with students. I would advise being tight lipped about this with women and keep them guessing. As you can see many will be quick to judge harshly when you reveal things like this too soon before they see who you really are first. It doesn't matter if you think you can get a girl whenever you want especially if you desire a quality woman. That can be a difficult thing to find so don't do anything to scare them away.

    • Don't you think telling them would be a good thing? It would weed out the smart girls from the dumb ones. Smart girls would actually reserve judgment and see things in a deeper light, dumb ones would judge right off the bat.

    • LOL that's a good way to be thinking but I'm not too sure about that. Word can spread around pretty quickly, especially with women.