Am I living at the wrong location?

All my life i lived at a town that i dislike, i was born here but i never felt like i fitted in. People are very small minded and most of them aren't open, they are also very ignorant against cultures. Whenever im in a big city i feel much more at my place and much less annoyed, and the people are more open and i make better friends somewhere else, or i don't know... i feel more social. Do i just have a bad attitude or is it really the small town i live in?


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  • If you really dislike it move, no one is forcing you to live there.


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  • I think you are probably more suited to a big city if that's how you feel. it's not that you have a bad attitude, it's just that your starting to realize what kind of a living community you like.

  • i know that feeling and i guess it is a really small town.. how old are you between?