Good, fuzzy feeling indicative of chemistry?

I've been getting back into dating girls as well as regularly chatting with a good female friend (she was the one who broke my lengthy anxiety towards girls, thanks to her wanting to chat with me at times lol). I was thinking that I've never felt the chemistry with any girl in my life, both in the past and present. I was asking around what chemistry felt like and they couldn't explain well, just a sense of comfortable connection. Somehow it suddenly came to me that I did feel the chemistry with one of the girls I knew within the past couple of years. It was a good, slightly fuzzy feeling and she complimented me big time as well. I also have felt good around my friend that I chat with regularly, but not fuzzy.

Have you guys felt the same, like a warm, good fuzzy feeling that leads to thinking you could have sex with that person? Can it also just feel good without the fuzzy feeling? That female friend was leaning towards me in a couple of pics as well.

Even though I'm a bit over 35, it's finally about time I figured some things out. Makes me more confident too.


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  • it sounds like you're fairly new to this dating game. That fuzzy feeling so to speak doesn't really feel the same to everyone. Sometimes you get a feeling of butterflies in your stomach, I mean you never know how your body is going to react to the feeling of whatever emotion you feel towards her. So I guess for that reason my opinion may or may not be valid or necessary. and my opinion is this if it feels good it can't be too too bad, and so you should go for what's good and leave your options open. Also, do not use other peoples feelings to judge your own.

    • I actually did date girls in high school and college, then it stopped for a long time. Started getting interested in it again recently. I know the feeling of butterflies in my stomach also. Isn't chemistry only mutual though? I know one can be interested and the other not, but thats just the attraction thing.

    • I bet if you really think about it, you've got this.

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  • That or horniness.


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  • I feel the fuzzy feeling that you are describing is more of a "crush," or attraction to the girl rather than chemistry - although they do go hand in hand. Chemistry, in my opinion, is when you get along very well with someone and don't have to think much about it (i. e. have same interests, personality types, enjoy doing things together and finishing each others sandwiches).

    • Interesting, thanks for the reply. Thats what I have with my current female friend, she and I keep chatting and never argue. Have a lot in common, similar intelligence and mindset, and our differences make us curious about each other as well.

    • It sounds like you have something worth pursuing - based on how you describe the situation.
      Remember though, 60% of the time I'm right every time.

  • Touch her hair,... If she doesn't back, try to kiss her.