Guys seeing your girl without make up on?

I usually wear either mascara or eyeliner and I feel so naked and ugly with out it. Everyone tells me I look really good with out make up but the thing is I go from looking like a "hot girl" to a "girl next door" and I feel so plain and naked.

So guys what do you think when you see a girl without make up?


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  • Is good either way. Problem is these days. Not very many women know how to do it The right way. So it just looks trashy. I'm not saying I know anything about it.. But I do know when a see a women with makeup done wright! And let me tell you!! She is beautiful. But it is also nice to see the real natural side. In my opinion girls shod not use makeup to hide behind but rather to enhance there already natural features.


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  • my gf never wears it, like, ever... so i never experience that... i stare at her ass a lot though


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  • The only thing mascara and eyeliner do are make your eyes stand out a bit more. You literally can't look that different without it on. You don't go from "hot" to "girl next door" just because you don't have a little black line going around your eyeball.

    • Maybe it's all in my mind. But I mean eye liner and mascara do bring your eyes out a lot. And i only put a thin layer on.

    • It is simply enhancing what you already have. Meaning, you already have pretty eyes---the eyeliner/mascara is just putting focus on them.

      What can happen if you get accustomed to wearing any sort of makeup though, is you feel naked or odd without it. People have always told me to not get in the habit of wearing makeup so that you feel normal whether you have it on or not.