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Okay so this isn't really a question more like a vent ! Because I have to tell somebody so this won't bother me anymore and I'm not ready to tell anyone in my fam! My best friend knows this story and no one else so you guys may feel welcomed into my world. I am 22 and have never been in a relationship. The one guy I did tell him I had crush on him totally rejected me in high school not in a super scarring way either he just avoided me. Like it wasn't hard either cuz we were in two different social groups and looking back he wasn't cute. All the same I had no choice but to go to school the next day and face the weird looks from him and his friends because I'm sure he showed them the note =(. Over that but I hate when my friend brings it up so then I have to remind her how she was rejected. I try hard not to be that revenge person but. thats another topic. Sometimes I think I'm over it and then there's moments like now where I'm freaking out because I feel like I have no life experience. Plus even though I think I wasn't really an ugly duckling in HS I do look better and feel more confident now until I think of that specific moment! It FUCKING SUCK and it was a sappy I like you note "i may not be perfect but give me a chance" that type of bull shit. NOW NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I BE SO FUCKING DUMB. Although I think its moments like those that caused me to be painfully quiet until recently I've been breaking out of all my comfort zones but with this one I just wanna stay in my bubble!

Please feel free to leave advice, comments, or musings in the answer section! Say anything get you some points!


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  • High school was and is a living hell for everyone, they should honestly just scrap the whole thing and teach kids online as that would be more in line with reality. Rejection sucks, i had a kinda similar experience where the guy was just really mean... It still bugs me. But you leave that sh*t behind, and your friend is seriously being a total b*tch and bringing it up. Why? Why bring that up?
    You just have to focus on you, doing stuff that's going to make you feel more confident. Once you meet someone it will leave your thoughts. Make some better memories and maybe look at making some better friends too.

    • Yeah I honestly don't know why she brings it up every once in a while. I never do that to her she usually throws shade first and in return I'll retaliate. I just don't get it because even in HS whenever one was really into shady drama I never was people tried to pull me in it but I stay above the fray I dont care what people say behind my because if they meant it or werent scared theyd say it to my face. but thats another point. HAHA i just dont get it on most other points she's a good friend besides her shady ways tand by the way her rejection was 10times worse than mine. thanks for the input! lol


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  • We all have those moments that 5, 10, 20 years on still burn when we think of them! It's normal.

    And you're soooo young. Plenty of time to experience life. Get amongst it!

  • You've identified what you need to do. Change how you handle things. So get out there and go meet some guys.

    • hahaha im trying but it just flippin sucks

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  • Everyone has moments in their life that they wish never happened but trust you will get over it. If you and him was meant to be y'all meet up again and live life together but untill then don't worry. You are still young focus on yourself don't worry about guys, the right one will come. Do you want to be the chick that had 33 boyfriends or the woman who got 33 degrees. Focus on life love will come.

    • Lol you know it girl! I'm working on my B. A now. Although I don't think our paths will cross again ans I'm okay with that because I think we chose such different paths. but Have you heard the Kanye West little jimmy skit lol I dont wanna be like that either lol if you haven't take a listen to that skit in the link

  • How can you like somebody when they don't like you back?

    • It's very easy. It's not hard and it happens all the time I eventually stopped liking him. It's honestly not hard to comprehend when you can think outside yourself. I'm a very giving and generous person by nature it's literally in my blood to care for other outside of myself. If you only like people who like you then everything is kinda pointless. It's like that one guy friend who's a friend you may see him as a romantic partner but he may only want to be friends so do you stop caring for them? Does their personality cease to be funny, polite, outgoing or whatever it was that attracted you to them in the first place? Plus it's not like he was mean to me or anything or like he was like BITCH I HATE YOU AS A PERSON and even then i feel if someone feels that way about me it's still my job to love them.

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    • exactly. Which is one reason why I dont emotionally attach to anyone anymore...

    • high school is such a small fish bowl world...