Should I date him?

the situation is really weird. and maybe wrong.

we've hung out a few times and he told me that he likes me. I also like him. but I still refused to really date him. because..

my aunt is related to his brother. well our families don really do anything often together. and we`re not blood related obviously. the biggest problem is that if our relationship won't work. we still have to see each other for the rest off our lives. weddings and stuff. and we are young and I now that relationships never and good.

so this summer I told him that I just can't go out with him. even thought I really like him. but it seems wrong and complicated. 2 weeks later he wrote me a message that he still thinks about me a lot. and now he is rather cool towards me. really ignoring me and stuff like that.

and now i've noticed that I also think a lot about him. so what now? should I go out with him or give it a rest.?


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  • I think that its sweet that your thinking about this(:

    But I think if you don't exactly know what you want to do that you should do what's best.

    Say if you do REALLY like him, you should. but in the end if you break up. Remember, don't let small things get in the way. so that way when you guys see each other you won't feel the bad vibe. Also if you do break up, just whatever happened, try to forget it,

    i had learned this the hard way, I used to have a friend and she heard a un-true rumer about me lying about her behind her back, but I tried explaining, but she didn't understand. so to this day, we still don't talk, All I can say is that if you want something go for it, but don't let anything in your way, rumers stay out, and make a promise to believe him(:

    but if you say no, just stay friends, which would be great too. You could still hang out with him, and so on(:


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  • Alright, golden rule: if you have doubts - don't date him. If you have any questions about this, let me know.


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  • I think you are being really smart about this.

    I can understand that it's really hard for you two not to date because you like each other, but what you're saying about having to constantly see each other makes sense.

    I would just give it some time, and if in a few years, you still want to date, then maybe you can try it out.

    If he's not being understanding about your point of view, then honestly, I think that's a bit immature of him.

  • well, weirdly enough I had the same problem however he is my uncles cousin... if you still haven't gone out with him I think you should because I went out with the guy I liked and we are still together... I think it will work for you :)

  • Eh the only reason why I would be hesitant is because you will have to see him at events. That would be extremley akward. If he's being cool to you now without respecting how you feel than it goes to show he would prob be cool towards you after a break up...doesnt seem too mature to me. I would skip him.