How to spice up our conversations. They always begin with "hi", "how are you doing", etc. I think he's getting bored?

Our relationship is still relatively new (2 months) and we really don't talk about much in terms of each other. I want to learn so much about him, but I've always had issues with communication and getting to know people. I'm just always afraid of rejection and/or intruding in their personal lives. At 2 months, I just feel I should know a little more about him than I do. Help? Also, how can I spice up our conversations a bit?


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  • If you both are in the beginning stages of baby steps in 'Our relationship' that is a newbie, with 'We really don't talk about much in terms of each other,' that could very well be a Start of a problem that could lead down a beaten path.
    Open lines of convo is one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship here, dear. And of course, he is still wet behind the ears in years yet so this could be his reason of the season that you are having right now.
    Start talking about Your own interests, something he may find interesting. Then slowly feel him out and find out where he stands as far as getting Info out of him about talking about himself. If he is hesitant, closed mouth like a clam, then this will tell me that you are either going to have to do all the Initiating and just let his---Semi Silence be this golden goose, hoping the relationship won't tarnish along the way.
    Good luck. xx


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  • At this point you are his girlfriend of 2 months and do deserve to know a good amount about him. Try waiting until he gives little openings like if he mentions his family ask a question and see where it leads and ask a few more based off that. It is also a good opening to talk about yourself. To spice up your conversations try starting with "hey baby" or "Hey, how has my man's day been" "Hey there handsome" anything simple like that which sounds endearing will probably put a smile on his face.


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  • My bf and I use to play 20 questions when we were bored. It's a great way to get to know someone or ask questions you've always wanted to ask.