Her bf is cheating on her should I tell her?

ok so this chick i have liked her for a long time but she has a bf, so I told myself im not gonna get in between them as long as he is making her happy and really loves her, but recently her bf cheated on her, and i guess they are engaged. So now i think he doesn't deserve her because he cheated on her, but I don't know should i tell her..


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  • Me personally I wouldn't get in the way if things go wrong she'll take it out on you I say what she doesn't know wouldn't hurt her. That's what she gets for getting engaged to a dirt bag and besides it's their business not yours

    • Yea i know it not my business but I lok her and I can't let him do that to her I was going to kick his ass one time for disrespecting her.. But I quess she is dumb cause he cheated on her another time and someone told her..

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    • Live your life and let her find out on her own and when she come to tell you how much it hurt her to find out tell her to suck it up and move on.

    • Jaja I don't think Im going to be that mean.. I know for sure I'm not going to let her marry him


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  • tell her. and if you can show her evidence. in fact just tell her you like her and that you'll treat her way better than that douche bag. if she says no or doesn't believe you then at least you tried to be the good guy.


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  • It doesn't matter how much you like someone, even if they are your close friend. It is up to the person to decide to leave the person or not. I know you may have their best interest but still it isn't any of your business. If I were you, and if you truly care for the person I would just hope that the person make the right decision and just be there as friend, when she calls on you. If she doesn't call on you just let things fall into place, everything happens for a reason.

    • Man I bee thinking about it.. That is what I'm bout to do..