Do you think girls tend to think they are less attractive than they really are?

I never really get why guys think I am really attractive. i feeel like there are girls who are 10x as pretty as i am and yet these guys chase after me.

Maybe i am insecure who knows.

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  • Whenever a dropdead gorgeous woman ask if "she's ugly" I feel compelled to slap the shit out of her till she is (not that I'm advocating violence again woman , I'll do it to a man too) ((Not that I'm advocating violence at all , it's a figure of speech))


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  • Guys may be considered to be all about the visuals, but they seriously know the difference between a model who is photoshopped and what a real girl looks like.

    Many guys don't want to date a fake model or wanna deal with a girl who needs 1hour or more in the bathroom just to "get ready" and all that.

    Many guys don't have the ridiculous "standards" in looks like society makes it seem. Simply being healthy and exercising works wonders on a person's appearance.

    • The funny thing is that when I am barely wearing any make up I find that guys actually approach me. But when I am wearing a lot of make up and have my hair done and everything guys just stare and never approach.

  • i believe they do

    why? because they want to resemble to those shitty ideal images that media provides

  • Yeah they definitely do. Most girls have a long list of insecurities, which is mostly things guys don't give a shit about. But it's good that some 10s think they are 7s, gives us average joes a chance.

  • I like humble. That's attractive


What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely. A lot of days I feel like I'm the ugliest thing, yet I'll get compliments, which tells me I'm not as ugly as I seem to think. Doesn't stop me from thinking I'm ugly that day, though. We're just tooo hard on ourselves.