I want to make her happy, how can I do it?

im 19, and my gf is also 19 ( she's my first girlfriend, and im her first boyfriend) so it is fair to say that we a not experienced at all in relationships and that king of stuff, but we have been doing well.

we both study medicine, so the workload is pretty heavy, i´ve always been a relaxed guy, and i do study but i dont make a big deal out of it, and have average grades, my gf on hte other hand its really really good , and has great grades.

we a now in exams period, and she is very stressed , and in the little alone time that we got she keeps apologizing because she thinks she´s being annoying ( which she isn't )
i want to know what can i do to make her a little happier though these exams? ( and im not really good at this kind of stuff)


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  • why don't you make her a cup of tea during study breaks? My SO does that when I am stressed by some big event that I am studying for and I really really like it. You could cook her a light meal while she is studying. A candlelight meal maybe. Make some coffee or get a little chocolate to enjoy together. All it takes for my guy to make me happy is to be very attentive to little things. I really enjoy that! Good luck.


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  • Honestly, give her space, listen to her sh*t if she starts to vent, and bring her snacks. In tough times, it means the world.

  • is there any small thing in particular she has complained about? Or is there any small thing that she likes or wants? If you tell me I can give you some good ideas.


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