I feel like my boyfriend of 3 months is?

Going off me, :/ as it's a long distance relationship and both of us have never had one before, but anyway we have been together 3 months, when we are together it's great, but I haven't seen him in a month which is a long time as we usually see each other quite a lot most of the time but with him & work it's been busy, just like I have been, but I realised the texting has been getting less and less like he isn't interested anymore, I'm meant to be seeing him in 2 weeks time. But I'm just not sure, as I honestly don't know where I stand, is it just in my head? Or have I got a right to worry! He even brought up his ex who cheated on him but that relationship was 3 years ago. But he seemed upset about it, maybe he still misses her or thinks about her? it was brought up due to me having a fear of being used.


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  • I don't have much hope for this one. The relationshi0 wasn't together long enough to really establish much and neither of you have experience with an ldr.


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  • I was in almost the exact same situation my ex were together 3 months before I had move to go to school and all of a sudden he stopped texting then he told me he cheated and broke up with me. He also was cheated on previously.