Is looks very important to you?, if not explain why?

just wondering, looks or is there more to it?


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  • Looks to me are just a bonus. I like to dig a little deeper and see what my partner's true personality is like. You can meet someone who has the most down to earth smile or whatever about them that might attract you, and then there personality might not be so bright. Looks can be somewhat deceiving sometimes. As long as he has a humble personality, and is humorous, then I'm all good. I couldn't date someone with good looks but a poor personality. Personality is what captures the heart of course.


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  • How do i like a girl if thats so good looking but dont have a good personality? So personality comes first for me. I don't want her to seem so beautiful to all, i just want her to seem beautiful to me, cause i am very jealous lol. Well i mean her behaviours, personality should make her seem beautiful to me. Its better if she is normal looking (not so beautiful) but has a very good personality.

  • Looks get you in the door, personality keeps you in.


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