i really need your opinions people please? was i being immature?

there's this girl and i really loved her, loved her more than anything. i went outta my way to do stuff for her. seen her smile seen her cry, been there for her. but she didn't feel thesame and i can't be just friends with her, the thought of her with another guy is gona kill me. i thought the best thing to do is her cut off completely. AM I BEING IMMATURE FOR THAT?


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  • no, that is totally normal- in the cases in where break up is mutual or neither of you liked eachother that much and you decide to break up- that is the situation in which you stay friends. In this case, you can still be friendly but don't go out of your way to be with her, stay acquaintances just don't be mean but also not to nice. I am sorry that it didn't work out between you two :l


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  • Not at all young man!
    That's how I deal with breakups. It's the best way to go about things


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  • It is an awful feeling when you feel one way about someone and you go out of your way to show that you are interested in them by doing different things. Only to find out she isn't interested in you at all, it is like a knife right to the heart.

    But you have to keep yourself busy, start exercising, go out with friends. And at the end of the day you have to tell yourself that you are better than her. If she can't see and tell that you are a good guy by you being nice to her, then it is her lost not yours.

    I am sure that you will meet someone who will be into you and vice versa. And you will look back at on this situation you will probably just laugh that you "wasted" some much time on one girl.