Does your girlfriend think you are more alpha than what you actually are?

My girl thinks so highly of me thinks I'm the ultimate macho guy. While im far from a pansy with no backbone i don't think I really am even though I appear to. Any other Bros feel this way?


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  • Awww, the little alpha is being humble XD Okay, I'm joking. I use to think my boyfriend was a beta male, but that was proven wrong in the bedroom and when I started hanging around him more I saw that he was actually an alpha male. He's just hella goofy. Lesson learned don't assume.

    Point is, maybe your girlfriend doesn't know you well enough, or she sees you in a masculine light. It's not a bad place to be, but you should say something to her. It might make you feel better.

    • Goofy boyfriend choking you out in the bedroom or what lol

    • Goofy boyfriend knows his way around the bedroom. :p


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  • my boyfriend on the exterior is a tough rock But on the inside a text bear

  • That's what love does. It turns an annoying squeaky laugh into a cute laugh. Turns flab into love handles. Turns messy hair into sexy wind swept hair etc etc


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