Why the heck do people think it's gay for a guy to do gymnastics?

Has anyone actually seen the body of those things, it's not even human. They are flexible, okay, but the only thing that I can think of that they actually need flexibility for is floor, everything else about the sport is very manly, flips and heaps of strength. I know this dude who's 10 and does gymnastics and has like an 8 pack. The guys who do gymnastics are ripped as and also it's so hot watching them do pommel, rings, P bars and high bar particular. I like watching their vault and floor also because holy can they flip or can they flip? Why do they have to be so hot? If anyone has watched a male gymnast in the Olympics you can see the amount of strength to be one of the best. It's not easy and it's certainly not gay. It's just a stereotype.


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  • It's the classic stereotype, gymnastics, cheerleading, and other similar activities are supposed to be "girl sports" only. And only recently were they considered to be sports. Point being it's something that revolves mostly around women, so when a man joins, the uneducated, retarded, assumative men see this, and, as taught by society and in some cases, their upbringing, that he must be gay, or in someway more relevant to a girl than a man. Classic case, men are supposed to like the tough stuff, cars, trucks, football, if they stray from the path of man, to things more creative and challenging, like gymnastics and cheerleading, which requires reflexes, skill, and cooperation among other things, it's considered gay. In laymen terms, it's because of society.

    • But gymnastics is the toughest sport I have ever done. The things that you have to do. I think society is fucked up.

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    • I did try, and I failed miserably. We fat people are not meant to bend like that. And i've no idea what level, it was more or less just charity/community/voluntary work, since I know nothing, I just help them with exercises and sometimes fix their positions and so on, just like. . . . nudges in the right direction, I guess you'd say, since I don't really know anything about gymnastics. x3

    • How old are they and what level are they in? I'm sure your not that fat.


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  • It is a stereotype just like being a male cheerleader but thats cause guys are supposed to be strong and gymnasts and male cheerleaders are seen as feminine of course some of them are a bit on the fem side lol

    • Look up male Olympic gymnasts on YouTube for reals, especially rings, pommel and p bars. It's kind of not feminine though, even for girl gymnasts, they get built like men hahaha, I suppose it's because it's a female dominated sport and with the whole girls are weaker then boys thing which is true but it doesn't mean boys who participate in a female dominated sport are gay or even weaker then the norm, they are actually quite a long stronger. I once watched a body builder attempt to do a level 5 boys rings routine or something like that and he couldn't do it because he didn't have the right muscles

    • Well yeah but i bet that gymnast couldnt bench press as much as the body builder I know how hard gymnastics is and i know there ripped all they do is practice just like all the body builder does is workout and those gymnasts aren't out eating cheeseburgers either they have a super strict diet which if ANYBODY ate like that theyd be ripped

    • It's harder then it looks and I don't understand why boys get shit for it. there's nothing girly about it, guys are hesitant to do gymnastics because of society.

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  • I think flexible guys are really hot. I love being flexible and I love stretching so it'd be nice to find someone who does the same. Plus they're ripple who his awesome

  • because flexible people, whether female or male, are probably damn good at "stretching" ;D

    • Hahahaha but I don't sweet it is bad and it's not gay ;)

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    • i mean taking an object up some crevice.
      for a guy this is gay, for a girl this is straight.

    • Oh Hahahahahahaha omg but all the guys at my gym are straight and extremely hot.

  • Because they're just dumb.
    Like male cheerleaders... they always say "look at the positions we get girls in during a cheer and tell me I'm gay haha"

    • But boy gymnasts never get a chance to touch a girl gymnast. It all solo acts. Our coaches would go phsyco if we started talking during practice. We are there's to train. I think you are just assuming that cheer and gymnastics is the same thing which it's not.

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    • Yea that's what I meant. The people who say it are dumb and it's the same as when people say it to male cheerleaders. Like the stuff gymnasts and cheerleaders do is far from gay, and they both require quite a lot of strength.
      Same with male dancers, especially ballet. People think it's gay, but it requires so much discipline and strength, it isn't just some guy prancing around a stage.

    • Hahahaha amen!