Should I grow a pair and be straightforward? what u think girls?

Ok long story short i have strong a feeling that a girl likes me and she shows interest in many ways , i like her obviosuly , she likes touching and we have fun when we hang out , i dont want to have any regrets so i am going to ask her ( probably a little late after 4 months but wth ) if she wants to be in a realtiosnship with me , we're going in different directions in less than a year , but fk it i dont care i want to have a realtioship with her even if for a month, i would rather miss her than have any regrets because i was scared of asking her , i am going to go on a nice fun date with her then ask her when i drop her off if she wants to be with me or not... worst case scenario she says no and sh*t gets awkward when i see her everyday but i dont care so what do you think? what do girls in general think about being straightforward? play it cool and wait for her or just spill it out and face the consequences?

well i hinted once that we should be more intimate and she kinda refused in a polite complicated ( we weren't as close as now , so i think i've got a real shot atm) we even shared our food !


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What Girls Said 1

  • I say you go for it. You never know how it will work out between you guys it could be a really amazing relationship and if she says no you could at least move on then.


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  • Just go for it! If she says no it will only be awkward if you let it be awkward. I've asked people out and get rejected, but pretty soon we were back to how we were before