For some reason I'm really attracted to my ex gf's girlfriends from college?

I've only meet a couple of them and those meetings were brief. there 2 for some reason I'm really attracted to and there not even anywhere near as good looking as ex or have the body she had but for some reason the though of having sex with one of these girls would be very appealing. maybe I just want to do it for revenge or to annoy the ex but either way I'm really attracted to these girls she knows. I just found the one on Twitter and was thinking about trying to add her , she's single and like into student council at her college doesn't have a bf , I meet her once before at a bar and she seemed to like me but that was a while ago , although the fact she knows my ex gf might make things really weird. any thoughs should I try and add her?


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  • If her and your ex are good friends there's a high chance she'll tell your ex you've started following her (social media web) and she'll probably won't go for it. If they're not that close then give it ago anyway and see what happens.

    • the ex isn't on Twitter so she won't see that I added her or won't see tweets to this other girl unless she shows them or another gf does. they go to same school but not sure how close they are. I'm sure she'll find out I add her though

    • I mean she's your ex and if this new girl doesn't say anything and approaches you too I say go for it. But no wing girls in college and ex bfs and what not she'll probably bring it up and let her know before someone else does.


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  • It's the forbidden fruit thing... Don't do it. It will backfire. Unless you feel a genuine connection, move to another group of girls

    • the last time I saw her at this bar I though she was interested however me and ex were going through some crazy issues that night and just about got into it that was like a few months ago. the ex is seeing a new guy anyways so she can't really say anything.

  • honestly i think if you can do it like if she doesn't follow girl code whats the point of following it for you


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